Sematic 2000 T is the ideal solution for the modernization of residential lifts installed in shafts with reduced length and depth. The 115 mm sill package (landing and car door sills are only 45 mm each), the reduced dimension of both landing and car door headers as well as of all of its components allow to install Sematic 2000 T also in ultra-compact spaces.

2000 T has been designed and developed so that none of its components needs to be installed in recess. This feature ensures that during the door installation no additional building works are necessary and the total capacity of the elevator system remains unchanged, guaranteeing in any situation the maximization of the available cabin capacity.

Thanks to its light weight and ease of adjustment, Sematic 2000 T is a door easy to handle and install, even on site. The door meets the requirements of the EN 81-1/2 and can be produced in two different configurations, with (Frame Boxed version) or without (Naked version) frame. For special situation 2000 T can be installed also in niche (with a maximum depth of 25 mm), allowing a further saving of space in the shaft.

2000 T is available also with asymmetric opening.

Sematic 2000 T
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Product Range

The following range is for indicative purpose only.

Product Range

General features

  • Car and landing door in compliance with EN81-1/2:1998 – 95/16/EC Lift Directive
  • TB ranging from 600 to 900
  • TH ranging from 2000 to 2100
  • Reduced overall sill package (115 mm only)
  • Available also with 4Z asymmetric opening
  • Powder painted (RAL 7032) steel single skinned door panels
  • Galvanized steel header
  • Reinforced carriages
  • Reduced inter-floor distance (TH + 350) with standard brackets
  • No part jutting out both on landing and car doors
  • Landing door toe guard
  • Impact resistant packaging